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Health and Safety International Certifications

With years of experience mentoring around the globe ISTTI is one of the world’s leading health and safety training providers. To meet all of your health and safety training needs we operate in a variety of industries, including fire safety, oil and gas, environmental management, construction and many more.

ISTTI corporate division provide a blend of training solutions tailored to fit all business models. Our global reach allows us to fully support large International companies on delivering Health Safety and Environment training.

Our consultative approach includes audits, strategic planning and multiple learning delivery methods. Ongoing measurement and assurance of best practices and industry standards are key in supporting our clients training programs.

The Benefits of ISTTI Courses

Flexible learning:

  1. Flexible training options are available to meet our customer’s needs.
  2. Comprehensive interactive course deliveries.
  3. Classroom and eLearning training available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.
  4. Telephone support.
  5. Email Support.
  6. Workshops are available to support you through your eLearning qualifications.
  7. On line tutor support available for eLearning courses.
  8. ELearning offers a learning environment any time anywhere with internet access

Our tutors:

  1. Fully supported studies - our tutors are experienced and highly qualified
  2. One to one tutor contact.
  3. Regular student feedback.
  4. Professional status with the world’s leading professional bodies.
  5. Periodic evaluations / assessments throughout your courses.

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