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This policy covers our employees, visitor and contractors to use of all vehicles both on and off the road. We are committed to the prevention of loss to life and property from driving incidents, both on and off duty, through:

  • Strict adherence to the Vehicle and Driver Policy
  • Training all employees and likely users of company vehicles.
  • Adopting other strategies which combine to minimize incident rates
  • All employees are considered as ambassadors for the organization and their behavior whilst driving is a reflection on the organization’s corporate image.

Alcohol, Drug Abuse, Smoking

Driving a Auto motional vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or any drugs or narcotics is strictly prohibited and subject to disciplinary action including termination of employment. Smoking is not permitted in company vehicles.

Mobile Phones

The use by the driver of a hand held communication device in a moving vehicle is illegal and will, under the terms of the Road Safety Bill attract an increased fine and penalty points. Auto motional employees shall not initiate calls from mobile phones while driving.

Driving Standards

No one may give an instruction to break or ignore any Traffic Regulation. Drivers must not take any instruction as a directive to break any Traffic Regulation. Drivers are legally responsible for their actions on the road, and for their compliance with all Traffic Regulations. Drivers are responsible for reporting all defects on their vehicle, which cause the vehicle to contravene regulations.

Incident Reporting

All incidents, whether occurring within or outside working hours (and whether involving the employee or another driver of the employee's vehicle) and including potentially serious 'near misses', must be reported to line managers.

Care of Vehicles

At all times it remains the responsibility of the usual driver of a company vehicle to ensure that the vehicle is correctly maintained and in a roadworthy condition. The vehicle should be kept clean, both inside and out. Any damage to the vehicle, however caused must be notified to the Fleet Manager.

Drivers Hours and Rest

The company recommends that drivers give due regard to this and do not drive if they believe that in any way they are unfit to do so. The company also recommends that drivers do not exceed 300 miles per day. Where mileages substantially in excess of this are anticipated, drivers should consider the option of staying away.

Ergonomics & Driver Comfort

Correct adjustment of seat, head restraint and positioning of major controls is essential to minimize the risk of personal injury in the event of an accident and to ensure good posture for the prevention of back problems and fatigue. Important considerations are Seat height adjustment, seat tilt, distance from major controls, seat rake, head restraint adjustment, seatbelt adjustment, steering wheel adjustment..


Any driver, who is unsure of this policy, or his responsibilities, should contact their Manager, or write to the Managing Director with a copy to their Manager.

Annual Driver Eligibility Statement

Drivers working under this company will ensure the provision of license, vehicle insurance particulars and other supporting documents with company agreement of safe driving.

Stand Alone Mobile Phone Policy

Drivers should neither initiate nor answer a cellular phone call or message whilst driving a vehicle, regardless of whether a hands free device is available or not. Cellular phones may be left on during a trip to alert the driver of an incoming call or message; however the vehicle must be brought to a complete and safe stop before responding.

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